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Speedmaster XL 105

Speedmaster XL 105

Another Dimension in Printing - Maximum Performance Today and in the Future

With the Speedmaster XL 105, Heidelberg is presenting a category of printing presses that is setting the standards for the future of the entire print media industry. Already now, the Speedmaster XL 105 is offering you the performance needed to ensure top profitability, flexibility, and quality in the long run. With the innovative Speedmaster XL 105, you are well equipped, even for the ever rising future challenges in offset printing.

Consistently designed for a maximum production-run speed of 18,000 sheets per hour in the 75 x 105 format, the fully automated Speedmaster XL 105 is the ideal production press for the long print-run label and packaging sector as well as for the highly industrialised commercial print shop. From the feeder to the delivery: the Speedmaster XL 105 has been designed to print even better, even faster, and with even greater productivity - so you can meet the increasing demands of your customers with even more success.

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