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A New Cost Effective Solution for Hot Foil Stamping

The new Varimatrix 105 CSF can be used for hot foil stamping as well as die cutting and stripping. This makes the machine ideal for trade finishers as well as packaging, security, label and commercial printers who are looking to offer customers a comprehensive service and added value, thanks to a wider range of surface finishing options.

Metallic effects and multi stage/relief embossing can be applied to substrates from 80gsm up to 1400gsm efficiently and in a single pass, using the hot foil module of the Varimatrix 105 CSF. The cost-effective technology of the hot foil stamper is highly impressive. It is possible to heat only specific zones, which means that the complete plate does not have to be heated when working with small formats. In addition, accurate foil feed optimises foil use.

Make ready times are kept to a minimum via the simple touch screen control panel, ensuring cost-effective embossing and metallic surface finishes, even for short runs. A frame-changing system results in quick and ergonomic job changes. New hot foils or die cutting jobs can be prepared on the optional frame-changing table while the current job is being foil stamped in the machine. Thanks to the ergonomic design, a single operator can pull the large hot honeycomb plates straight out of the machine onto the frame-changing table.
The Varimatrix 105 CSF foil re-winder, winds the foils on six independent shafts in a dedicated module. Optical control elements prevent tears in the thin foil by ensuring foil tension remains constant.

The key features of the Varimatrix 105 CSF include its excellent quality and efficient workflows. The maximum processing speed is 6,000 sheets per hour for hot foil embossing and 7,500 sheets per hour for die cutting and stripping. Sheet formats range from a minimum of 350 x 400mm to a maximum of 750 x 1,050mm.

Hot foil applications:

  • Cosmetics            - Provide a high value look and feel
  • Confectionery       - Give an eye catching finish
  • Pharmaceutical    - Holograms/foil/ embossing provide anti-forgery and trademark protection
  • Labels                    - Provide a distinctive and striking finish
  • Security printing   - Finishes to prevent forgery
Further Information:
John Harrison
Product Manager - Packaging
Tel. +61 3 9263 3384

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Varimatrix 105

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