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Stahlfolder Ti 52/36

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG: Stahlfolder Ti 52/36

Equipped for every eventuality – pioneering technology for flexible folding in the small and medium formats.

The Stahlfolder Ti 36 and Stahlfolder Ti 52 folding machines are flexible all-rounders for small and medium formats that satisfy a whole host of high-quality folding requirements. Both machines impress by delivering outstanding results. Equipped with up to three folding stations and a maximum of twelve buckle plates, the Stahlfolder Ti 36 and Stahlfolder Ti 52 perform even complex folds with ease. They cover a broad spectrum of fold types with the utmost reliability, are quick and easy to change over thanks to a new CCT (Compact Control Technology) digital machine control system, and are extremely cost-effective.

The Stahlfolder Ti 52 is a professional solution designed to meet the folding requirements of today's customers in the 50 x 70 cm (19.69 x 27.56 in) format class. Whether producing flyers, advertising brochures, or unusual folds such as gatefolds, the Stahlfolder Ti 52 ensures both versatility and productivity.

The Stahlfolder Ti 36 specializes in small formats. It is ideal for the smallest of fold lengths, such as those required for packaging inserts, mini-booklets, or user instructions.

The Stahlfolder Ti 36 and Stahlfolder Ti 52 also set standards when used together, combining productivity and quality for greater efficiency and a wider range of postpress applications.

The Stahlfolder Ti 36 and Stahlfolder Ti 52 at a glance:

  • New CCT digital machine control system for ease of use and short makeready times
  • Compatibility between the CCT and MCT control systems enables all Stahlfolder units from Heidelberg to be connected, including various delivery systems and individual units such as the VFZ 52 mobile four-directional folding unit
  • Extra Grip folding rollers for end-to-end process reliability, smooth sheet transport, and impressive folding quality
  • Feeder systems to suit every need
  • Coordinated delivery systems for specific customer requirements
  • Combining the Stahlfolder Ti 36 and Stahlfolder Ti 52 creates synergies and opens up additional production options
  • Extensive range of equipment and modular design to cover all customer needs

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