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SAPHIRA Inks and Coatings

More vibrant, versatile and durable, Saphira inks are changing the way our customers and their customers see the future.

Saphira SF offset printing ink gives you the lead over the competition:   quick off the grid for fast setting, rub resistance, high gloss and intense colour strength throughout the run.   In our hi-tech ink-mixing lab, we have the latest in computerized colour matching and mixing to meet your needs.

Saphira SF Bio Process inks are designed to meet the demanding requirements of today's environmentally responsible printer. These inks combine outstanding lithographic performance, press productivity and print quality while containing extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds and a high percentage of bio-derived, renewable raw materials. Saphira SF Bio inks have been certified for the EcoLogo®, North America's most widely recognized and respected certification of environmental leadership.

  Process Inks Blending Series
  Saphira SF Advance Inks Saphira Precision - Sheetfed
  Saphira SF Bio Inks Saphira Elite - Forms
  Saphira Waterless Ink Saphira UV
  Saphira UV Ink Saphira Waterless
  Saphira Solids Ink (non-porous stock) Saphira Solids
  and more... and more...

*Metallics and Other Speciality applications available.

*PMS and Colour matching available.

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