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Printmaster PM 74

Printmaster PM 74 - Quality Down to the Smallest Detail

  1. 1
    The central suction tape feeder - to ensure that the printing process begins smoothly and quickly
  2. 2
    New Alcolor continuous-film dampening system - to ensure a stable in/water balance, with optional vario function
  3. 3
    New high-volume inking unit - fast response and highly stable production runs for optimum print quality
  4. 4
    Combined blanket and impression cylinders washup device - allows for reduced setup and washing times as well as enhanced productivity
  5. 5
    Transfer Jacket Plus - transfer cylinder jacket with ink-repelling coating for faster washup and excellent print results
  6. 6
    EasyPlate for simple, register-accurate plate clamping
  7. 7
    Perfecting Device - semi-automatic, available for both Printmaster PM74 models
  8. 8
    PerfectJacket Plus - impression cylinder jacket with an even finer layer structure for enhanced perfecting quality of even the thickest ink coatings
  9. 9
    Standard delivery - compact design and space-saving for safe delivery of every sheet
  10. 10
    Numbering and imprinting device - maximizes the flexibility and versatility of the press for changing job structure
  11. 11
    User interface PressControl - fully digitized system for controlling and monitoring the press
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